Wind Energy: Advantages & Disadvantages

Wind Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

Wind Energy: Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Wind Energy

  • Wind energy-generating turbines can provide landowners with additional rental income;
  • The wind sector has great potential for job creation, for instance, turbine technician; 
  • Wind is an unlimited, naturally occurring, free, and renewable energy resource;
  • Wind energy is not affected by the unpredictable and fluctuating costs of fuels;
  • Harvesting of kinetic wind doesn't affect currents or wind cycles in any way; 
  • Wind energy is far more eco-friendly than burning fossil fuels for electricity;
  • Wind-generated energy does not cause acid rain, smog, or greenhouse gases; 
  • Harvesting wind energy is clean, non-polluting way to generate electricity;
  • The low-cost of wind energy greatly enhances industry competitiveness;
  • The cost of maintaining wind energy turbines and stations is minuscule; 
  • Wind energy productions emits no air pollutants or greenhouse gases;
  • Wind energy-producing turbines can be installed nearly anywhere;
  • Wind is an abundant and non-exhausting source of energy;
  • Wind energy-producing turbines are safe and harmless; 
  • Unpopulated offshore wind turbines are ideal;
  • Wind energy is sustainable. 
Wind Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

Disadvantages of Wind Energy

  • Innovation is still needed to lower the cost, and increase the reliability of wind energy;
  • Wind turbines have an aesthetically negative impact of the beauty of natural sceneries;  
  • The infrastructure needed to support networks of wind energy turbines is insufficient;
  • Installing wind energy turbines far away from human life increases the cost of travel;
  • Offshore wind turbine maintenance requires boats, and may be dangerous to maintain;
  • The initial cost of installing a turbine and wind facilities is prohibitively expensive;
  • Insufficient research exists on the effect of offshore wind turbines on marine life;
  • Offshore wind energy produces more energy but costs much more to establish;
  • Wind turbines may be a hazard to birds and other flying animals and creatures;
  • Visibility issues of offshore wind turbines are a hazard to maritime traffic;
  • Wind energy technology remains in its infancy, and therefore, immature; 
  • There remains regional deployment problems that need to be solved;