Town of Collingwood Judicial Inquiry

A judicial inquiry responsible for scrutinizing a transaction involving the merger and acquisition of half of the Town of Collingwood's utility in 2012 resumed on Monday (May 13 2019).  Though the judicial inquiry is scheduled to continue until June 12, 2019, a lengthy list of 19 witness that will be called upon to testify during the judicial inquiry will likely lead to a protracted judicial inquiry.  Former Deputy Mayor, the town's former CAO and clerk, and the town's former mayor have already been examined by the judicial inquiry.  An expert from the Ontario Energy Board provided an overview of the rules applicable to mergers and acquisitions in Ontario's energy sector. A KPMG consultant as well as the former Collus Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Tim Fryer were also heard on Monday.  In the supposed interest of time, some witnesses will be offered the opportunity to submit their evidence in sworn statements.  The judicial inquiry also referenced "daily spending limits" to be set.  The Town of Collingwood's Judicial Inquiry as well as the supporting documents involved in the proceedings are available for the public to observe.