Ontario Energy News: Weekly Round-up (May 6 to May 10, 2019)

May 7: after weeks of intense flooding as well as intense public and political pressures, the Ontario Electricity Safety Authority announced that it would waive electricity reconnection fees for flood victims. 

May 8: the federal government announced its plan to invest in energy training for indigenous youth in Northern Ontario, and other opportunities to enhance their energy knowledge and technical skills, which will prepare them to lead the way to a clean energy future.

May 8: a solar project near Port Hope is met with some opposition that demands that the Ontario halt construction of the project. 

May 9: the government of Ontario passes legislation ("Fixing the Hydro Mess Act, 2019") aimed at "fixing the hydro mess", notably by reforming conservation programs, restructuring of the Ontario Energy Board, and ending the fair hydro plan. 

May 9: Peter Tabuns, an NDP energy and climate change critic, held a press conference to re-introduce a private member's bill proposing to ban fracking in Ontario. 

May 9: Shell industrial customers in the province of Ontario will be offered Convergent Energy + Power BTM battery storage capability, which will effectively reduce for grid energy at peak times.

May 9: new Hydro One's new CEO, Mark Poweska, announces his intention to place an emphasis on repairing Hydro One's relationship with the Ontario government as well as with investors. 

May 9: the government of Ontario under Doug Ford continues its efforts to oppose the federal carbon tax that came into effect in Ontario on April 1, 2019. 

May 10: an environmental legal group has recently brought light on what it believes is unsatisfactory compliance with environmental standards in connection with work being done at Bruce Power nuclear plant near Kincardine. 

May 10: Enbridge Inc. (TSX: ENB; NYSE: ENB) declares a strong first quarter for 2019, and provided a quarterly business update. 

May 10: the government of Ontario continues is public consultations on industrial electricity pricing and conservation programs; Parliamentary Assistants consulted with Steel industry stakeholders.

May 11: as Sudbury Hydro makes plans for capital investments, Hydro Sudbury is inviting energy customers to provide their input as to priorities, and to help set its capital investment plan, which will be submitted to the Ontario Energy Board. 

May 11: NDP leader Andrea Horwath announced her intention of introducing a motion in the provincial legislature on Monday to "declare a climate emergency in Ontario". 

May 12: Enwin Utilities is calling residential and business consumers to conduct a phone survey aimed at providing consumers with an opportunity to provide comments as Enwin Utilities prepares its Cost of Service application to the Ontario Energy Board.