Ontario Energy News: Weekly Round-Up (April 22-26)

  • Wed., April 24: the government of Ontario continues holding in-person and online public consultations with businesses across the province to provide their input on Ontario's commercial and industrial electricity pricing design and programs.  The government is also holding in-person sector-specific consultations with key industry sectors. Last week, Energy Minister Greg Rickford held consultations in Oakville with stakeholders in the automotive sector. This week, in-person consultations were held with forestry sector stakeholders
  • Thur., April 25 - the government of Ontario announced that it has tabled legislation that would require the 3,200 gas stations across the province to put stickers at the pumps that display the fact that the federal carbon tax has added ¢4.4 cents a litre to the price of gasoline. The cost of the carbon tax is expected to rise to 11 cents per litre by 2022.  It is projected that the stickers will cost taxpayers $5,000 (for 25,000 decals).  Gas station operators who don't display the government-mandated stickers could be subject to fines or up to $10,000 per day.
  • Thurs., April 25 - Floods in Ontario spill into Bracebridge. With further floods expected to occur in other regions of Ontario with a forecast of heavy rain, the Electricity Safety Authority ("ESA") issues a report warning to Ontarios of a heightened risk of electric shock caused when water comes into contact with electricity. Alongside other important information, the ESA issued a comprehensive set of LIFE-SAVING SAFETY GUIDELINES for Ontarians and first responders affected by the floods. 
  • Thur., April 25 - Pursuant to By-law No. 2002-264 - Emergency Planning and Responses and following a vote to the same effect by City Council, the Mayor of Ottawa, in his official capacity as Head of Council, declared a state of emergency for the City of Ottawa in the face of rising water levels and flooding. Certain news agencies have incorrectly (and nonsensically) referred to this state of affairs as a "climate of emergency". 
  • Thurs., April 26 - Some 400 Canadian soldiers arrived in Ottawa to assist with emergency measures and planning to protect people and property, further underscoring the highly precarious and critical importance of the floods in Ottawa.
  • Fri, April 26:  In a letter to Energy Minister Greg Rickford, Rocco Rossi, president of Ontario's Chamber of Commerce, asked that the provincial legislation requiring gas stations to display "federal carbon tax cost" stickers be scrapped, rightly highlighting the fact that the legislation in question is politically tainted and potential runs afoul of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.