Businesses in Rural Ontario Soon to Benefit from Bill 32- the Access to Natural Gas Act

As rightly noted by Executive Vice President and President of Utilities and Power Operations at Enbridge, Inc., natural gas is the most affordable source of energy for businesses in Ontario; it allows businesses to be more competitive. In the same line of reasoning, and together with Enbridge Gas Inc. (Canada's largest natural gas distribution utility),the government of Ontario is investing $12.3 million to expand natural gas access to various different locations in rural Ontario, most recently in Fenelon Falls, Cameron and Cambray. Infrastructure Minister Monte McNaughton noted that "the investment makes it clear that Ontario is open for business". The project in question will allow an estimated 155 businesses to safely and reliably access the abundant energy source that is natural gas in rural Ontario. Switching from oil to natural gas will allow businesses to save money on their energy bills that can be put towards creating new jobs and investing in business growth. One business in Fenelon Falls stated that access to natural gas could bring their heating bill down from $9,000 to $3,500. 

This latest investment by the government of Ontario is part of its ongoing effort to make expansion and access to natural gas a top priority for the Ontario Government. Bill 32 - the Access to Natural Gas Act, is another important piece of the "access and expansion of natural gas" puzzle facing the provincial government. The Act in question facilitates the development of programs designed to expand natural gas distribution systems to more parts of rural and northern Ontario, including in First Nations communities.